Where can I purchase LaCrosse Furniture Co. Products?

You can purchase our products from any of our authorized furniture stores. To access a list of dealers near you, please click on “Find a Dealer” on the www.lacrossefurniture.com homepage.


Can I purchase directly from LaCrosse Furniture Co.?

LaCrosse Furniture Co. is a wholesaler and sells only to authorized furniture stores.


How can I get a catalog of LaCrosse Furniture Co. products?

Since we do not sell directly to the end consumer, catalogs are only provided to our authorized retail furniture stores. To view our furniture, please visit a store near you or browse our website www.lacrossefurniture.com.

How can I get fabric swatches of LaCrosse Furniture Co. fabrics?

To help select the best fabric for your home or business, we encourage you to visit your local LaCrosse Furniture Co. retailer to see a variety of fabric patterns and colors.


How do I find out prices for the products that I am interested in?

Each furniture retailer determines the selling price. Please use the “Find a Dealer” tab on the homepage to find a dealer near you


How can I order repair parts for a piece of LaCrosse Furniture Co. furniture that I own?

When you purchase LaCrosse Furniture Co. furniture from a retail store, the retail store will service your piece of furniture and order the repair parts that you need. You must contact the dealer where you purchased the item. If you have moved or your retailer has gone out of business, please use the “Find a Dealer” tab on our homepage www.lacrossefurniture.com to find the store nearest you.